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Custom Home Trends In 2022

The housing market in 2022 will be drastically different than it is today, and custom homes will be the norm rather than the exception. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the top custom home trends you can expect to see within this booming industry over the next decade.

open space interior design trend - modern and bright living room and kitchen

1. More Open Floor Plans

In an effort to make homes feel bigger, more open floor plans are sure to be on trend in 2022. Not only do these layouts make it easy for families to get together, but they also give potential buyers an increased sense of value and space.

Many homeowners like to include a great room and/or kitchen island in their designs; look for both of these spaces to become increasingly popular over the next decade.

green roof custom home trends

2. Green Roofs

By increasing air quality, decreasing summertime temperatures and reducing stormwater runoff, green roofs are a practical investment for homeowners. In fact, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requires all new residential construction be designed with a 50 percent maximum roof-to-site ratio.

This means that half of your roof must be covered by vegetation to qualify for LEED certification. Another cool trend? Increasingly popular solar roof options that harness energy while providing protection from UV rays. 

energy saving appliances for home

3. Energy Saving Appliances

As populations continue to grow and more buildings are constructed, power usage is expected to rise. But with appliances like washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers that have been created to be more energy-efficient than ever before, the forecasted growth of power usage may be curbed.

In fact, an estimated 40 percent of the electricity used globally could be saved by better household appliance efficiency by 2030.

smart home technology

4. Technology Integration

Technology will continue to make its way into every area of our lives, and that includes how we live. Many new homes are being built with smart technology as a cornerstone for convenience and control.

For example, smart systems can remotely activate home security, monitor lights, adjust thermostats and even monitor pets—all from a smartphone or laptop.

It’s likely that your next home will come with added high-tech features like these.

tall ceilings, modern living room with big door windows

5. Taller Ceilings

One of our favorite ways to make small rooms feel bigger is to increase ceiling height. A standard room typically has a ceiling height between 8 and 9 feet, but a great way to quickly make any room seem larger is by adding tall ceilings.

Taller ceilings help widen hallways and entryways, which gives homes that much more grandeur. J

ust be careful not to overextend yourself; adding more than 12 feet of space can start looking awkward and disproportionate.

interior space, living room with grey couches with plenty of natural light, big windows

6. Lots of Natural Light

In a small space, light can become a major design focus. In fact, there are plenty of small homes where windows or skylights are just as prominent as any other feature. As interest in sustainability increases, homeowners will want to make sure they’re making smart use of natural lighting.

Look for custom home plans that allow ample light from both indoor and outdoor sources.

large master bedroom with walk in closet

7. Larger Master Suites

In 2013, master suites only averaged 6.5 square meters (71.6 square feet). By 2022, custom home builders predict that will jump to 7.9 square meters (86.7 square feet). The added space will be due to a growing demand for walk-in closets and bonus bathrooms. 

Currently, 16 percent of all luxury homes have at least one extra bathroom over what was originally designed; by 2022, that number is expected to grow to 31 percent as homeowners seek additional space for grooming or entertaining guests.

low maintenance landscape for house

8. Lower Maintenance Landscaping

As housing prices continue to increase, buyers are looking for homes that not only provide value but also have reasonable upkeep. Low-maintenance landscaping is fast becoming a popular trend for outdoor spaces. 

In fact, 87% of homebuyers want low-maintenance landscaping and 80% are willing to pay more for it.

concrete floors for home

9. Concrete Floors

By 2022, you can expect concrete floors to be a popular finishing option for custom homes. In fact, almost 30% of builders will have incorporated a concrete flooring plan into their next home design. This new trend is projected to result in a 25% increase over home values.

Plus, homeowners love them! Concrete is an excellent floor material as it doesn’t need to be sealed and it offers excellent temperature regulation, making them more comfortable than some other materials out there.

big modern kitchen, open space with dining table, wooden floor, white and black kitchen

10. Larger Kitchen

Kitchens will be an average of 20 percent larger than today’s kitchens.

The trend toward larger kitchens is caused by a number of factors, including aging baby boomers with more time and money on their hands, more women entering the workforce and opting to stay home, as well as economic recovery from recessionary times.

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